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Video: Know your risk for heart disease
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Everyone is at risk for heart disease, but many don’t understand why. Watch Dr. James Kong explain the risk factors for heart disease and how you can keep your heart healthy. Continued...

Weighing your weight-loss options
1 Comments | 151 Recommended
No matter if you’re 15 or 50 pounds overweight, shedding those extra pounds goes beyond a New Year’s resolution – it’s a lifestyle choice, albeit one that’s not always simple. Learn about your options. Continued...

Is weight loss surgery right for you?
0 Comments | 143 Recommended
When diet and exercise are not enough, surgical weight loss could be an option. But how do you know if you’re a candidate? Continued...

Tip the scale in your favor: How to reach your weight-loss goals
2 Comments | 215 Recommended
If losing weight has once again made it onto your list of New Years’ resolutions, make 2011 the year you scratch it off your list for good. Easier said than done, right? Not if you know how to get started. Continued...

Video: Weigh your weight-loss options
0 Comments | 87 Recommended
Even 10 extra pounds can take a toll on the body. Watch the video to hear Dr. Dain Wahl explain how you can lose weight the healthy way. Continued...

Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label: A Guide to Healthier Eating
1 Comments | 159 Recommended
Nutrition facts labels can be confusing. We’ll give you the information you need about these labels to eat healthier. Continued...

With heart disease, prevention is the best medicine
1 Comments | 159 Recommended
Prevention is best medicine when it comes to heart disease. Assess your risk factors for the disease online. Continued...

Ready for Relief: Managing pain without surgery
0 Comments | 129 Recommended
Our spines work hard for us every day, so it’s no surprise that people often suffer from neck and back pain. But most spinal pain that gradually worsens can be treated using non-surgical treatments. Continued...

Stand up to Back Pain: Tips for prevention
1 Comments | 132 Recommended
Whether it’s excruciating or simply irritating, back pain can be caused by a combination of factors. The good news? You can avoid back pain and injury by following a few simple tips. Continued...

Take control of diabetes with nutrition
0 Comments | 140 Recommended
If you think managing your diabetes consists only of monitoring your insulin and taking your medications at the right time, nosh on this: Good nutrition is the number one way to control diabetes. Continued...

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